Welcome to the Dream

Six years ago, I started the online meditation groups for WCCM (The World Community for Christian Meditation). The practice of online meditation has grown beyond any of my expectations. This is due to the amazing group leaders and people who have given their hearts to this practice.

For a while now, I have dreamed of taking the success of WCCM’s online meditation and offering it to the world. I imagine an online gathering place where Christian meditators can meet with Buddhist meditators and Muslim meditators and share their most profound moments of silence. World Peace through Shared Silence!

With the help and support of many in the online community, especially Robert Lalor, I have now created this chapel. I invite all people who are committed to the practice of meditation to participate in this exciting experiment, either as a group leader or a group participant.

It doesn’t matter what your faith tradition is, or even if you have a faith tradition. We can all share the beauty of silence.

– Roger Sessions