In the interest of total honesty and complete transparency, we would like to share our financial data with you.  Our site is entirely run by volunteers. Our only cost is for web resources.

Our 2018 budget (in USD) is as follows:

  • Zoom accounts to provide the underlying meeting space: 2 @ $180/year = $360/year
  • Web hosting: 1 @ $60/year = $60/year
  • DNS hosting: 1 @ $12/year
  • Misc processing fees: $25/year
  • Total: $457/year

Once a year, we ask people to consider making a donation towards our expenses for the coming year.  This is entirely voluntary, everybody is welcome to participate in our meditation groups regardless of ability to contribute financially.

As of February 24 we have raised $501.59 towards our 2018 budget, which gives us a $44.59 excess. We will probably use any extra funds to do some outreach through Google AdWords, but we haven’t decided yet. Thank you everybody who donated!

Actual 2018 Expenses To Date
2/2/18 DNS (1 year) $13.16
2/24/18 Web Hosting (1 year) $62.14
2/20/18 1 Zoom License (1 year) 149.90
3/3/18 2nd Zoom License (1 year) 157.38

Total Spent To Date: $382.58
Remaining Funds: $119.01