In the interest of total honesty and complete transparency, we would like to share our financial data with you.  Our site is entirely run by volunteers. Our only cost is for resources. Meditation Chapel is our gift to each other.

Our 2020 planned budget (in USD) is as follows:

  • Zoom Accounts for Chapels and Meeting Space: 2 @ 180/year $360.00
  • Zoom Account for 1/2 year 1 @ 90/year $90.00
  • Zoom 500 seat surcharge $400.37
  • Web Hosting: 1 @ 60/year $60.00
  • Misc Processing Fees: 50/year $50.00
  • MailChimp: 6 months @ 31.97 $191.82
  • MailChimp: 6 months @ 50 $300.00
  • WeVideo 1 year subscription $71.97
  • Canva 1 year subscription $125.00
  • Outreach $2,000.00
  • Misc. $350.00

Total Budget:  $3,999.16
Carryover from 2019: $1,427.18
Need to Raise: $2,571.98

Would you like to help support Meditation Chapel? You can do so at our GoFundMe page. You can either make a one-time donation or pledge an interval donation (that is, so much every so often). If you would like to make an interval donation, it would help us if we knew your plans so that we can plan our finances. You can let us know about your planned interval donation at our on-line pledge form.

Keep in mind that Meditation Chapel is not a registered non-profit organization, so donations are not tax deductible. We have looked into becoming a non-profit, but the legal requirements are daunting.

Year to Date Income and Expenses 2020

If we bring in more we need, we will probably use the extra for additional outreach. There are a lot of people out there who need us and haven’t yet found us!