On-line meditation is an important, valued part of my life. My life transformation has benefited from group meditation and the community itself. My fellow meditators are literally worldwide, yet I feel a close, rich spiritual community with them. The sharing and Lectio Divina after mediation further enriches my spiritual and community experience. My life would certainly be the poorer if the online mediation ceased to exist.

–  G.W., U.S.A

Meditating every morning and night changed my life. Discovering and being part of an online meditation group allowed me to regularly share and feel connected with others at a time in my life I was not able to make it to a physical meditation group…. Thank you.

– S.B.,  Australia

I meditated alone for many years, but now I have come to know the joy of finding a ‘community of love’ reaching across the world, in which we share readings, Lectio Divina, friendship and most of all a beautiful time of silence as we meditate together as a family. I do believe it has changed my life.

– A.H., U.K.

Online meditation has become such a wonderful anchor for my week, and my online meditation group like a global family. Spending time with them in silence is something I look forward to each week. Without the online environment, all of this would be missing.

– H.F., U.S.A.

During a particularly difficult period in my life, I was divinely led to an Easter Retreat in the UK where I learnt about Christian Meditation. Thanks to our online meditation groups, I was able to continue meditating twice a day even though, to the best of my knowledge, I was the only person in Jamaica who was meditating in the John Main tradition. The revelations and illuminations that have occurred on my journey are awe-inspiring. Fear has been transformed into faith, anger and hurt into love and compassion. One example of this is that Love is teaching me that being ‘right’ merely positions me at the starting block. For much of my life I believed that being right catapulted me to the finishing line, where I would get down to the serious business of condemnation, of myself and others. Love is teaching me that no productive progress is possible until I am able to glimpse what is the correct perspective. Furthermore, Love is teaching me what are the boundaries of my lane in this wonderful journey of life – Truth, on one side, and Love, on the the other.

– R.L., U.K.