We live at a tremendously fast pace in a culture of noise and artificiality. We are continually assaulted by those who tell us how and what we ought to think. Liturgy, more now than at any other time in history, has the urgent task and the precious opportunity of helping us to stop, to be silent, to enter the heart of God, which lies at the centre of our own nature.
– Maggie Ross

Silentium is a new, Ireland based, but thanks to the internet, global reaching ministry. SIlentium aspires to make a humble yet loving contribution to a growing revival in the practice of silent, contemplative prayer in the Christian church, and to the daily lives of all who seek spiritual fulfilment in The Divine by following the way of Christ. While Silentium is primarily an ‘online’ ministry, which finds its home in The Online Meditation Chapel, the hope is that it may also be invited to have an ‘on site’ role in animating contemplative liturgy in parish life in a post covid-19 world.

Silentium currently has 3 main offerings:

Every Sunday at 9am (Irish Time) in The Wisdom Chapel, we have a simple Contemplative Sabbath Liturgy which includes a sacred scripture reading, a time of shared reflection, a period of silent meditation (15-20 Minutes), music and prayer. On the 3rd Sunday of each month the liturgy will also include sharing in a Eucharist meal.

A Spiritual Practice Group which meets every Thursday at 8pm (Irish Time) in The Wisdom Chapel to which all are welcome. The focus of the group, which is still ‘becoming’, is to create a safe community of connection, support and encouragement to sustain members in their practices of both contemplation and action.

A Silentium Resource Index which is updated weekly with a link to the text for the Sunday Liturgy which can be downloaded for use in preparation, following along or simply as a private guide. I also update the index every week with new links to resources that might be helpful for peoples practice of contemplative prayer and active ministry in their lives. I also send an email reminder each week to all who are registered on the Silentium Mailing List attaching the liturgy and any other news.

If you would like more information, would like to register to be on the mailing list or have questions about Silentium, please contact John Farrelly at

If you are drawn to a daily practice of contemplative prayer you are invited to visit Silence@Six which is a welcoming contemplative prayer community that gathers every day at 6pm Irish time in ‘The Wisdom Chapel’

To register with The Online Meditation Chapel visit and go to their ‘Getting Started’ page.