We live at a tremendously fast pace in a culture of noise and artificiality. We are continually assaulted by those who tell us how and what we ought to think. Liturgy, more now than at any other time in history, has the urgent task and the precious opportunity of helping us to stop, to be silent, to enter the heart of God, which lies at the centre of our own nature.
– Maggie Ross

Silentium is a living, cohesive, radically relational and mutually supportive contemplative community that resembles the life of the early church – online!

As Spiritual Director of Silentium, John Farrelly aspires to offer a contemplative pastoral ministry that supports community members and visitors in their desire to walk a contemplative, compassionate and loving path while navigating busy daily lives. Ministry offerings available to everyone include:

– A weekly Contemplative Liturgy called Silence On Sunday (G1092), hosted in The Wisdom Chapel that includes, on a monthly basis, the sharing of the Eucharist.

– A gathering of Silentium contemplative seekers called Silentium Spiritual Practice Group (G1093) which takes place weekly, on Thursdays, in The Wisdom Chapel. All who come offer each other mutual love and support as we navigate our way through a program of teachings and practices from religious traditions, contemporary spiritual movements and wisdom teachers.

– A Weekly Post that offers updates about all things Silentium and which regularly includes references to spiritual practices and links teaching to resources.

Additional ministries will emerge in Autumn 2022 and will include a new weekly gathering for contemplative practice, weekly interactive posts to enliven contemplative conversation and a fortnightly community check-in brunch.

While Silentium is grounded in the Christian contemplative tradition and, directed primarily by the gospel of Jesus, the community draws on the contemplative wisdom of all traditions, contemporary spiritual movements, mystics past and present and, perhaps most importantly, the experience of it’s members. Silentium is a community for all who feel drawn to the transformative effects of contemplative spiritual practice.

Silentium is privileged to partner with, and offer a humble contribution to Beyond Borders, an organisation whose work in Haiti is transforming ‘Love thy neighbour’ from commandment to spiritual practice and is transforming individual lives and communities in the process.

Silentium is still discovering and discerning ways to be a global community whose members live in the neighbourhood called ‘online’ and we would love you to come along with us on this wonderful adventure.

If you would like more information about Silentium contact John Farrelly through the Meditation Chapel Contact Us Form found by clicking HERE

To register with The Online Meditation Chapel visit and go to their ‘Getting Started’ page.