Site Rules

All site users agree to the following rules:

  1. All chapel users must register. You can register [here].
  2. All online groups must include meditation as a major part of their practice.
  3. Your group must be regular and reliable. Once we assign you a chapel and a time slot, whether it is weekly or monthly, we expect you to meet there.
  4. Groups can be based on any faith tradition, but must be open and welcoming to all. We may make reasonable exceptions to this upon request. We encourage meditators to experience faith traditions other than their own. Proselytizing is inappropriate and not allowed.
  5. Any form (sexual or other) of intimidation , threats, harassment, or disparaging comments either verbally or in writing will not be tolerated.
  6. We are particularly sensitive for the safety of minors. This site may not be used for cultivating any inappropriate relationships (sexual or other) with minors. We forbid any physical meetings with minors who have been met on this site. We will fully cooperate with any law enforcement agency that is investigating the exploitation of minors.
  7. The chapels are a shared resource. They are to be used exclusively for online meditation sessions by groups that we have approved. They may not be used for private meetings or any other purpose. They may not be used at any times other than the assigned times.
  8. No group can exclude any individual from participating on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, faith tradition, identity, or prayer method, unless the group has been specifically exempted from this requirement by the Executive Committee.
  9. No group can make use of these facilities to solicit donations or payments of any kind. We do not charge groups for using this site and we do not expect them to charge their users.
  10. You may not use any of the facilities of Meditation Chapel, including the chapels, to solicit business for yourself or for anybody else.
  11. Site administrators can drop in on any group at any time to ensure these rules are being followed.
  12. Any violation of these rules can have a group or individual permanently banned from this site. Illegal behavior will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Please report violations to the President of Meditation Chapel or any member of the Executive Committee, using the Contact Us page.
  13. Every group leader and participant is autonomous from While we do our best to encourage good behavior, we are not responsible for any leader or participant’s actions or behavior.