It’s A Process

Change is rarely a single event. It’s a process.

Process (noun): a continuous action, or series of changes taking place wherein changes happen naturally.

Everything changes. Some things and situations do not change quickly enough for me, while others change far too swiftly, and I need to catch my breath. I’m learning how to appreciate the process – of change, of patience, of discernment, of life.

Not long ago, I allowed the push of productivity and external expectations to drive me. I was always in a hurry to “get it done.” Giving attention was sacrificed for a hurried outcome. Being present during the process was forfeited for goal achievement.

Since I began meditating, this has changed. When I need to make a decision, I pause, breathe, and silently say to myself, “Let me process that.” When I realize I am being impatient with myself or another, I pause, breathe, and remember that love teaches me the process of presence. Understanding that transformation is a “continuous action” has drastically altered my life. I no longer try to rush the process, but rather allow it the space and time it needs to happen naturally.

Perhaps the most important realization to emerge from learning to love the process is this: Life itself is a process. It is a moment by moment process of reclaiming one’s humanity. Giving attention to what truly matters gently embraces us as we move through the life-long process of becoming truly human.

  • Laura Waters

Artwork by Laura Waters