Introduction to Meditation Workshop

We invite you to view the recording of the Introduction to Christian Meditation Workshop that was held online on September 14, 2019. This video covers the following topics:

  • Using the Meditation Chapel website.
  • Benefits of Christian Meditation (spiritual, physical, and mental)
  • Meditation as taught by Contemplative Outreach (Centering Prayer)
  • Meditation as taught by the World Community for Christian Meditation (Christian Meditation)
  • The practice of Sacred Sharing.

Length of Video: One hour, 28 minutes.

By the end of this video, you will understand why you might want to make meditation a part of your daily routine and how to do so. You will also know how to meet online with the thriving contemplative community of Meditation Chapel.

There is no cost for viewing this video or for using any of the facilities of Meditation Chapel.